Tell me what you think of this website! Also try to find the books for me too. The ones that are unavailable.
12/27/2014 12:59pm

I love the website. It lets me read at work where I cannot bring books... It's not like I have them anyway. :P
Thanks, just Omen of the Stars are missing.

01/29/2015 12:06am

Thank you! I love your website, and I know lots of other people will love it too. The website just isn't very well-known, maybe you could do something to make this website stand out a little bit more?
Or maybe you should keep this site somewhat invisible, because it's not exactly legal. I don't know. One stupid person flagging this website could ruin it all.

Random guy who reads Warriors
02/04/2015 5:00pm

You need to get some of the Super Edition books and Dawn of the Clans.

03/22/2015 6:17pm

I do to.

05/16/2015 9:21pm

Love it!! Now I can read all the books without having to buy them all XD


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    I always wanted to read the books of Warriors, but it was Summer Break and there's no library. So I went online and download the files to put here. So that no one will have to suffer. -The Creator

    I don't know the author of the webpage of where I got these books but I think it's Violet Prior.

    Thanks Erin Hunter for making wonderful books!


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